Swing Dance Book & Bucket List admissions

Hey gang- today I’m back with a Swing Dance Book review.

To time perfectly with my annual foray into watching Strictly, always from the Halloween edition, never before that- weird eh?

I’ve been sent this book, which makes feel a tad frustrated that I still haven’t carved out enough time to actually do some dancing- bucket list alert!!swing dance book

Being into vintage and “old things”, sometimes people assume that I’m some expert Lindy Hopper- I’m anything but!

This book is more than just a “How to Dance Book”, it is hugely detailed with regards to the different styles of dancing that come under the “Swing” umbrella. So there’s Lindy, Balboa, and Charleston and more.lindy hop learn book

The book is broken down in chapters focusing on each style of dance, but also the history of the dance and the clothing and fashions- both ladies AND men’s (and the men’s is refreshingly detailed).vintage mens facial hair

There is a mixture of photography and imagery from the past, from the 1920s onwards, and action and beauty shots from today recreating the looks from yesteryear. This gives the book an authentic feel, it is very well researched by the author Scott Cupit. He really know his dance stuff, unsurprisingly as he is the founder of Swing Patrol which is primarily teaching group with branches worldwide.the flapper look

The book includes step by steps in dance techniques and key moves for each dance, it also lists particular records or tracks which are associated with each type of dance. The step by steps also cover things like tying a headscarf or mens tie in a particular vintage way.how to tie windsor

A huge thing to note with this Dance book is that it has links to video demonstrations, you can just scan the code of the page with your smart phone and it will take you through to the clip- so clever!

If all this has sparked a interest in Swing Dance or perhaps you’ve already set foot in the dancehall but want to be a little more confident… I’m giving away two copies!how to pop jump

So I’ll be choosing two winners for this giveaway- good luck!

UK only please.

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  1. November 13, 2015 / 10:50 pm

    This is a book I need to own! Having the codes right on the page is such a cool idea too 🙂

  2. November 17, 2015 / 12:35 pm

    waaaaa this definitely goes on my Christmas list! I have been swing dancing on-off for over a year but I am still confused on all the different styles and get so frustrated I am not yet where I would like to be! This should definitely help! And if not, it is still a really nice read next to the fireplace..maybe with some cool 20s music on the background..and a glass of wine 😉