My tips for baby led weaning- BLW

baby led weaning pear ikea Today I thought I’d share some ideas on baby led weaning. Before I had children I hadn’t really thought massively about how I would wean my child from milk to solids. When I discovered baby led weaning and began to read everything I could find about it, weaning this way seemed the more natural way and […] Continue reading →

Charity Shop Love- Barnardos Vintage Cheadle

photo 3 Hello readers! Today I’m sharing a lovely charity shop in Cheadle, near Stockport. This isn’t just your ordinary charity shop though- its a specialist vintage shop… but with charity shop prices. Winning all around so far… Situated on Cheadle High Street, close to Barclays Bank is Barnardos Vintage Cheadle. It has a plethora of vintage […] Continue reading →

The Mothers- photo project update

susieE25 Almost three years ago I became involved with a lovely blog called The Mothers. The Mothers is a photo project, “documenting the stories and experiences of Mothers of all ages, with children of all ages”. I’ve recently done an updated interview- kind of “where are they now” type thing- and some more lovely photographs- find my […] Continue reading →