Kitchen Ideas and Plans

red kitchenette In case you might have missed it, I’m finally getting a new kitchen! Kitchen ideas are just filling my head. I really cant wait, bit and bobs are being gathered and delivered,  like laminate flooring (we are going for Ikea’s) and a free-standing cooker. I’m looking at final touches too and probably getting ahead of […] Continue reading →

Breakfast Inspiration- Manchester Marmalade

manchester marmalade I don’t know about you, but I love breakfast. That first meal of the day, which sets you up for the day, and if you’ve a family or housemates, a chance to catchup before going off in different directions. On a school day, for us, breakfast is normally cereal, both the girls love the fruit […] Continue reading →

Asus Zenfone 5 LTE Review #ZentasticXmas

asus selfie zenfone We all love a selfie, right? From painters such as Van Gogh and his many Self Portraits to more modern artists such as Tracey Emin where virtually everything she creates is a version of a self portrait. Looking at ourselves, and each others self portraits- or selfies, is fascinating. Most modern selfies are done on the […] Continue reading →

My Fifteen Festive Favorites

phil spector christmas Are you feeling excited about Christmas yet? It’s hard not to in our house, MR OFS is the biggest fan of Christmas I’ve ever known. I’ve been tagged to do my Festive Favourites by Charlie of Gin Fuelled Bluestocking. So here’s how I do Christmas; Favourite Festive Food- Always a mince pie and custard. Free […] Continue reading →

In Retrospect Magazine in Print

in retrospect magazine Well a big pat on the back goes to the team at In Retrospect Magazine who smashed their Kickstarter target and have published paper editions of the first proper issue of In Retrospect. As you might know I do the events bit of the mag and occasionally contribute other pieces when I have time. Have […] Continue reading →